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Iceland Photo Guides

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The first guide - The Sun Voyager

 Hi I Heiðdís have created the first guide for Iceland it is about a sculpture in Reykjavík, Sólfar.. a very  popular place to photograph. I have seen so many wonderful photographs from this place and hope this can help someone to take more photos. 
Click here to see the guide about Sólfar/Sun Voyager  

This is my first guide so hope you like it and now I have started to find more photographers to write guides for Iceland so there will be more soon

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Hi and welcome to the free photo guides for Iceland.
These guides are written by photographers for photographers. This site is a part of a world-wide network of free photo guides. This is all to help photographers so they know where to go to take good photographs and if there is anything special they should know about the place or what they should bring with them.

I'm Heidi and I am the admin for Iceland so I hope that soon there will be many wonderful guides about my country for me and others to look at. But now I'm just getting started and I will post my first guide very soon.